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A True Essence of Love


This world is running out of love. Hatred has overtaken love“. This is not my statement but there is a large section of people who think so and almost everybody says the same statement when they need to define love in today’s world.

But `LOVE´ in my view is totally different. What do you think, does the above statement really define love in a true way? Has the steering wheel of the world really gone to the hands of hatred? If you think clearly, I am sure that your answer will be `NO´.

It’s true that love and hatred are an endless battle but we should understand that this battle has been blasted by god so that hatred can never gain the upper around. You may think that I am turning filmy but it’s true that love is immortal. It’s the fact that lovers might die but love doesn’t. You may laugh but its truth. And laughing in this matter is just like casting yourself into shade.

Just observe your own life. Have you ever gone through the situation where someone close to you have died? If you have, then you might have realised they even they died, love and respect we had for them doesn’t die. They are still well alive in our hearts. So, isn’t true love is immortal?

I want to ask a question – “Why do people cry when they hear the news of somebody’s death?Why do you feel very much pain when you hear about bad news? It’s because of love; Love for everyone not just for you are close to me. I’m sure tears might have rolled out of your eyes while watching a serious movie. It’s because love inside your heart gets melted. Love is there in your heart for every living being but there’s a hoist really brings an immense twist in everyone’s life.

Actually every people have ocean of love in the hearts, but some of them cannot direct the ocean to flow in right direction and that’s exactly the reason for people to think love is overtaken by hatred but actually love has overtaken love itself. And another great thing is people limited their immense love and are not ready to give. But love is like watch in your palm. If you try to catch it, it runs out and if you leave it as it is, it remains with you.

I have turned the pages of my life and studied every situation and recalled every moment of pain, sorrow, happiness and joy as well. Then I got the conclusion that love is immortal and everyone has an immense amount of love in their hearts, but they are not ready to give. It was same with me but now I have learned from my past and I will try to love all equally and direct the hidden ocean of love in my heart in right path which was flowing in the wrong direction.

I hope you guys have also got shot and now you are also ready to love everyone with no holds barred.

  • Swechha Poudel