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A Visionary Entrepreneur: Dr.Upendra Mahato


Dr.Upendra Mahato is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Nepal living in Russia. He is the Chairman of Mahato’s Group of Industries. He is also the President of Russia-Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Honorary Consul General of Nepal to the Republic of Belarus. Although living in Russia, Mahato gives back to his motherland, Nepal by making a profusion of contributions.

Mahato is a well-known philanthropist and international entrepreneur with business ventures in many European and Asian countries. Besides business, he has been involved in social welfare activities and having many ventures in various sectors like healthcare, infrastructure, and hydropower, among others. He has been actively involved in various international organizations and has made an immense contribution to the development of international relations in the social, economic and cultural fields, especially between Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus & the Democratic Republic of Nepal