Home Entertainment Aamir Khan Wishes Speedy Recovery For Dilip Kumar

Aamir Khan Wishes Speedy Recovery For Dilip Kumar

Aamir Khan Wishes Speedy Recovery For Dilip Kumar
Aamir Khan Wishes Speedy Recovery For Dilip Kumar

8 December,2014: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has wished a speedy recovery for veteran actor Dilip Kumar, who has been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai for treatment of pneumonia.

The ‘Dhoom 3′ star, who was in Varanasi to promote his upcoming film ‘PK’, said the 91-year-old actor has been an inspiration for many Indian actors.

“I too have seen on TV that Yusuf sahab (Dilip Kumar) is not well and he is in the hospital. We pray that he may get well soon. I am the biggest fan of Yusuf sahab, I have learnt a lot watching his films. There is a lot of influence of him on Indian actors,” Aamir told reporters here.

After reaching the political land of Narendra Modi, Aamir said he will request the Prime Minister to watch his film, which releases on December 19.

“I will request him to watch my film. But PM is already so much busy in his own works but if he would watch this movie, then I would be the happiest for this,” said Aamir Khan, who once met Modi for his TV programme ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

Aamir Khan, 49, who is a betel lover in the Rajkumar Hirani film, also tasted the leaf at a shop in Nadesar area.


The actor also shed light on his nude ‘PK’ poster, which invited shock, amusement and even a legal case, saying, “Vulgarity is not judged with clothes on or off. It’s stuck in our heads. We were born naked in this world, we just need to change our mindsets… There is no vulgarity in the poster of ‘PK’”.

Aamir Khan, who is reportedly playing a Bhojpuri guy in the film, said he took four months to learn the language. “Bhojpuri is a sweet language. I took around 3-4 months to learn all the Bhojpuri dialogues of the film,” he added.

Asked if he would try his luck in Bhojpuri cinema, Aamir Khan said, “If I get a good script, I will surely do.”

Source: The Indian Express


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