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Aarati Stripes appealed for more electricity supply

Aarati Stripes
Aarati Stripes

Pathari (Morang), 31 October 2014: Aarati Stripes, a multi-national company situated in Biratanagar, has appealed to the Minister for Industry, Mahesh Basnet, for the power supply of more five mega watts to the existing one.

The Acting Chairperson of the company, Sanjeev Sharma appealed so with Minister Basnet who had been there today for an observation along with his party (CPN-UML) people.

Chairperson Sharma requested for the additional electricity for the company is soon to build another plant for manufacturing corrugated zinc sheet.The company is currently consuming five megawatts electricity. The additional one is for running a new plant that is in the offing.

Mr. Basnet has given his word to the company for supplying additional electricity, a prerequisite to any industrial venture, said the Chairman. Aarati Stripes has been manufacturing the zinc sheets widely used within the country.

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