Home Business Aarati Strips pays one billion rupees revenue

Aarati Strips pays one billion rupees revenue

zinc sheets
zinc sheets

Pathari, Nov 3: Aarati Strips, a multi-national company based at Tanki Sinawari of Morang district, has paid revenue of one billion rupees in the last fiscal year through export and sale of corrugated zinc sheets.

The company exported the zinc sheets worth six billion rupees to India and sold zinc sheets and corrugated strips worth Rs 12 billion in the domestic market, Vice Chairman of the Company Sanjeev Sharma said.

Aarati Strips Company Pvt Ltd which was established with an investment of four billion rupees came into operation since 2000. It has been producing colour and plain corrugated zinc sheets.  It produces 30,000 tonnes of zinc sheets annually.It directly employs 600 people including 400 Nepalis.

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