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Aasha’s Journey towards Asian Girl Award


September 12, 2019

Throughout Asia, the Asian Girl Campaign invites partners to celebrate and promote the International Day of the Girl Child in the Communities. Every year since 2012, The Garden Hope Foundation of Taiwan has been awarding the Asian Girl Campaign in Asia and Asian Girl Human Rights award in the collaboration with Taiwan Government. This year, there are three award categories (Asian Girl Human Rights Award, Community Development Award, and STEM Award). This will result in a total of 3 award recipients on the ceremony day. The award will create an impact in developing and developed countries by inspiring us to continue to value girls and heighten the level of their human rights. This year Aasha BK, an eighteen years old young girl living in Kawasoti Municipality ward-11 has been selected as an Asian Girl Ambassador and will be participating in the event from October 4-9 at Taiwan where she will meet other outstanding girls, community leaders, and government officials as well as participate in local community project. Bipna Sharma achieved the award in 2015, Ashma Aryal in 2018 and Shradha Mahat was awarded as an Asian Girl Ambassador in 2014 from Nepal.

Aasha is a self-motivated girl who is the president of Nepal’s first Child Club i.e. Jagriti Child Club, Nepal and also a peer educator of Girls Empowerment Project under JCYCN and KANALLAN. Recently, she has completed her High School from Shree Janajyoti Secondary School, Devchuli-15, Nawalpur. Her main aim is to create gender parity in her society by giving various skills and training to the adolescents and helping them to empower physically, mentally, socially, and legally irrespective of caste, sex, gender, and ethnicity. She adopts the phrase, “All humans are created equally.” Asha has been helping adolescents, especially girls to uplift their status in the community and society and to bring change in the perception of people towards girls and their potentiality.

She is providing training related to self-defense, Orientation Programs to prevent rape, child marriage, and sexual violence in schools and community level. She is interested and active in the field of sport so her main aim is to be a kick boxer in the future. Being a working president of the child club and Peer Educator of JCYCN, she has been supportive to the helpless, especially the girls who are suffering from violence, cyberbullying, menstrual problem and various social taboos and also expressed thankfulness to JCYCN and KANLLAN for providing the opportunity. She also wants to be a role model of many people and peers by devoting herself to social work and presents herself as a motivational speaker for the better life of people.

She believes Equal opportunities and Education are the important factors to reduce the prominent girl’s rights issues and existing social problems as the main root of these problems is poverty. Asha adds “Early Marriage is deep-rooted resulting in various problems of domestic violence, health problem in women”.

In the end, she added “for the development of the community, Awareness and Orientation Programs should be conducted which will also help for the self-growth and building self-confidence.