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Aayush KC: A Sparkling Star in the musical industry of Nepal


Star is a shining object we all love to adore. Aayush KC too has been a sparkling star in the musical field of Nepal, winning hearts of thousands of people.

Aayush, an 11 years old passionate and enthusiastic singer, has recently won the title of first Surshala Idol, a national level children singing competition organized by Surshala Music Academy. Originally from Sindhupalchowk, he is currently studying in class 5 at Modern Boarding Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur.

KC is highly passionate about music. “When I recall my memories, I find myself into music. My sister Aayusha KC used to sing with high and low nodes. I used to wonder what she was doing. Then I started listening to the songs of Narayan Gopal. Narayan Gopal is my favorite singer, and the one who caused an spark of motivation in me for music. This is how it all started,” says KC reminiscing his childhood memories. “One fine day in school, my music teacher asked me to sing a song. He was really impressed by my song, and asked for my mom’s contact number, and talked about the Surshala Idol. After filling-up the form and competing for 7 months, hard work and challenges let me steal the fruit. Now I do believe that singing is my life,” says KC pouring his insights.

“While he was in the womb, he used to sense music and play when he got to listen to music,” shares his mom on how Aayush was into music even before his birth.

“Surshala has changed my life. I find a huge difference between the Aayush KC prior to Surshala Idol, and the present one. I used to feel difficulty in singing songs of Narayan Gopal, Ram Krishna Dhakal and many more. But now, I believe and have confidence that I can sing local, pop, modern, and any other genre of songs. I also have gained public speaking skills,” says KC sharing his memories from Surshala.

“When I was 2 years old, I was made to join school. I was taught about rhymes in this school. I vividly remember when I was 2 and half years, and sang rhymes in front of my mom. I had a habit of tabbing my shoes on the bed if my mom would not listen my rhymes. Hence, I believe my singing skill is a god gifted power,” shares KC on how much he believes on his singing talent as the gift of god.

But, winning Surshala Idol was not an easy task for him as every success comes with challenges. “I have my very close friend Pritam of ten years old. During the competition we had to sing a duet song together which was a great challenge for me but we did quite well. For that, we were awarded with performers of the day titles,” says KC recalling some of striking challenges in Surshala.

KC is an ardent singer as well as fervent dreamer. He wants to be a world famous singer and has a dream to make the nation with his musical performances. “I want to be a rock star who would be able to erase all the stress of audiences with the entertainment of music. With my singing talent, I dream to establish an orphanage where there would be free education system. I want to contribute to the nation and return back the favor that the society has been providing me with,” said KC pouring his heart out.

KC is a delinquent student, and accomplishes everything on time. “I start my vocal practice with my school teacher Kshitiz Gurung sir at 9 in the morning. I have 2 hours morning and 2 hours evening daily practice. I do believe study is equally important for me as is singing. I have allocated separate study and revision time in my daily schedule. I am taking my study and singing with the same flow,” says KC talking about his time allocation for both the passion and study.

In our society we do face lots of problem regarding extra-curricular activities. “I personally have heard a lot of stories where many people are found to be demotivating themselves and not sharpening their skills just because they do not get any support from their family members. I am lucky that I had great support from my parents, teachers, friends, and audiences. I feel very blessed that I got motivating judges, especially Surshala Idol Founder and chairperson Amrit sir and Sangita ma’am who always gave me a spark of hope to be determined on my singing talent. Overall, I had a great time in Surshala,” says KC sharing his experiences with smile. “My parents always motivated me to be at the top and perform to become winner, and not get satisfied in a consolation prize,” he shared on what led him to bag the winner prize, and not stop amid the journey.

“Imagination rules the world. We need to dream big to achieve big. I would love to motivate and support those singers who have not got any opportunity yet. I would feel lucky to help them if there would be any sorts of support that I could provide,” he says.

Wrapping up the conversation, KC wanted to conveyed a message to all, “We need to believe in ourselves and keep hone our skills. One of the trend that is being practiced as I see is, people deviating to modern songs and forgetting their traditional music and instruments. Those instruments are the gift by ancestors represent our identity and existence. I request all to protect our identity and love traditional music as well.”

By Batsala Rajdhami