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Abandoned girl in relentless pursuit of justice

Abandoned girl in relentless pursuit of justice
Abandoned girl in relentless pursuit of justice

Jajarkot,15 Dec 2014: Sharmila, 16, from Kafalla, Paink-6, Jajarkot has no surname confirmed yet.

She was born to mother Amala Pariyar and father Nara Badhur Rokaya, but of out-of relationship what society calls an ‘illicit’ relationship which neither receives social recognition nor gets legal acceptances.

Her mother got married with another man when Sharmila was three years old. Her biological father, denying her fatherhood, left for India for a while. Even upon his return, he continued abandoning the child.

Since then, this ‘abandoned’ girl was brought up under the parentage of her maternal uncle, Narendra Pariyar, who now denies her patronage, for her maternal uncle and aunt have been assuming her as an economical burden.

“Neither father accepts me as his child, nor mother takes me along,” said Sharmila, shedding tears.

Sharmila, whose present is also not so promising, fears the uncertainty of future in the absence of someone to look after her firmly.

Unable to put up with the prejudice from the maternal uncle, aunt and indifference of her biological father, Sharmila filed a case at the District Court, Jajarkot, demanding legally establishing her parentage.

Life was not so giving for this ‘destiny’ child even at the courtyard of the court for all refused to stand as a witness to Sharmila, including her own maternal uncle.

Furthermore, Sharmila, appalled with the maternal parent’s reluctance to fend her and educate further, pleaded with the Women and Children Welfare Council at the district to help her with her academic endeavors.

The council reciprocated her with help in cash, but much to her dismay, the amount, Rs 6,000 which she was provided with was spent by her maternal uncle under other expenses after he once bought her a set of books.

An Officer at the Council office in Jajarkot, Dambar Bahadur Rokaya, who is familiar with the plight of children like Sharmila who are derogatorily called an ‘illegitimate child’, took every possible measure on the behalf of the Council, to help Sharmila’s cause.

Another individual who appeared Samaritarian to Sharmila is Sahadev Jung Shah, who is also a plaintiff for Sharmila at the court, opines that once Sharmila’s relationship with her father is granted a legal recognition, her future could be secured.

This applies with every other children sailing through the same ship like Sharmila, as according to the lawyer Shah , regardless of how a child is born, once the father and children’s relationship is proved on the basis of DNA’s evidence, then the child is not left at lurch.

Sharmila’s story is case study which gives us a reality check on how the children, born out of illegitimate relationship are suffering in our society for which Human Right Activists argue that the a law should be formulated in view of  the children like Sharmila who are denied parenthood.

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