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Abiral Yatra to showcase musical journey of Deepak Jangam


Kathmandu, August 28, 2017: Abiral Yatra, an initiation of The Hidden Treasure, is all set to honor the music legend Deepak Jangam on September 20, 2017.

The objective of this program is not confining to the mere entertaining program but to honor the devoted artist/personnel in the respective field, according to Gopal Sunder Lal Kakshapati, Chairman of The Hidden Treasure.

“It is often always the front singers who get most of the credit for a successful song, and the roles of musicians and composers are undermined. As the musicians are as influential as singers, we believe in recognizing musicians who have devoted their entire life in the music industry. And, we want to change the tradition of honoring artists posthumously,” Kakshapati shared amid a press release organized on Sunday to inform about the program.

A Nepali music composer/director for more than 5 decades, Jangam, applauded this initiation of The Hidden Treasure, “It is a trend that while new and young artists get more priority and popularity, the elderly are often neglected and forgotten. So, this support through Abiral Yatra is not just a support for Deepak Jangam, but for the entire music industry.”

“This platform also serves to address the generation gap between the music artists as it brings both the old and new generation in the common grounds. This is also where new generation learns from the old generation,” added Jangam.

Famous Nepali singers like Tara Thapa, Deepak Kharel, and Sangeeta Rana were also present on the occasion, who all agreed on the role of Abiral Yatra in reviving the energy of old yet active faces in music industry.

Abiral Yatra-2074 is slated to take place on 20 September, 2017 at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi which will also feature a musical program playing 18 songs of Deepak Jangam.