Home International About 70 People Lost In Landslide In Myanmar

About 70 People Lost In Landslide In Myanmar


Yangon, April 10, 2015: About 70 people were lost in a landslide in a jade mining area in Phakant, Myanmar’s northern Kachin ethnic state, as  reported by a local media on Thursday.

The bank of 15.25-meter-high jade mining burrow of Myayamone Co. Ltd fell down on Wednesday near Lonekhin village in Phakant. 30 heavy digging machines were also buried on the spot along with the victims.

The victims who were living in temperory huts near the jade mining area, are mainly jade miners or peddlers.

Hundreds of companies are doing jade mining work at the site. Similar landslide killed 9 people that occurred in the same township at the end of March 2015.


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