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Accelerate your initiative with Rockstart Impact Nepal


While the country faces up the crisis,entrepreneurs at the same time is struggling for their existence in the market. Rockstart Impact is a business accelerator program for companies that wants to grow. It’s a platform for Nepali companies that don’t have the expertise and the knowledge to attract capital. The main objective of this program is to fill the gap between local companies and international Investors.

A 100-day program, specifically designed for Nepali entrepreneurs and their businesses to raise investment. During the program participants receive intensive coaching from experienced local and international entrepreneurs and experts.

rockstartAs per the requirements to apply for this program your company needs to be innovative and must be able to make a positive social impact. The company should be 2-3 years old and it should have customers that are beyond early adopters. Rockstart especially focuses on those companies that are in the sectors of Agriculture, Renewable energy and Health care. However companies that operate in other sectors can also apply.

The deadline is on December 6th. After that, 40 companies will be selected
for the initial interview within two weeks then 20 companies will be selected. After a last sales pitch, we select the 10 best companies. And the program starts from January 3rd . To apply: https://www.f6s.com/rockstartimpact2015/apply

Those companies who have applied last year and who weren’t selected can also apply this time. Most of the time they have learned a lot in the last year, so this year they have a better shot to get selected.

The investment amount given by Rockstart depends upon the company itself, its potential and their needs. If the investors are satisfied with your business proposal then they can investment as much money as they want. Last year’s participants have raised around 1 million euros.

Rockstart Impact works together with the local office of One to Watch in Kathmandu.

Talking With Glocal Khabar, Jordy Jaarsam, Marketing/Analyst at One to Watch says,

12088462_925856060834907_4445501428797344485_nTo quote Govinda Raj Pokharel the chairman of the national planning commission: “While half of the capital has taken residence under plastic sheets which is now their ‘new home’, the future of Nepal is hazy. Like two sides of a coin, there are people who think nothing can happen of this country now while the other side strives on building a better nation.” In other words: ‘now it is the time to do something!
Rockstart Impact is all about entrepreneurs rebuilding Nepal.

After becoming a part of Rockstart Impact, the entrepreneurs are testing, validating, branding, and do the marketing for their product or service. But most of all they will understand the customer values much better. There is no similar program like Rockstart and I love it to be part of it.

As per him, the best part of the program is Demo-Day that is the day of the presentations where all the hard work of the entrepreneurs comes together and where they get a shot to get an investment from Dutch Investors.

For more information:  http://www.rockstart.com/impact/kathmandu-program/

By: Cajol Jha,

Reporter, Glocal Khabar


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