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Accreditation standards for medical students remain same


Kathmandu, November 04, 2018: A full house meeting of Nepal Medical Council was held on November 3, 2018 where NMC has decided to keep the accreditation standards for medical students studying in and outside the country unchanged. It has been decided not to implement ‘Accreditation Standards for the MBBS/BDS Programme’ for medical students to attend licensing examination.

According to the accreditation standards for MBBS/BDS programme which was proposed on October 26, the medical students studying in the country must complete six-month internship to meet the criteria and students pursuing MBBS/BDS from foreign universities must complete one-year internship to appear the NMC licensing examination. Dhundi Raj Paudel, member of NMC mentioned that in order to treat all the students equally, NMC has decided not to implement the standards.

On the other hand, Krishna Adhikari, spokesperson for NMC said that they have recommended six-month internship for all medical students which cannot be implemented without the approval of the ministry.