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Ace Annual Drama 2014 Embarks Amusively Today


Kathmandu,Dec 2, 2014: Rastriya Nach Ghar agitates with most enthralling drama play presented by Ace Institute of Management. Ace Drama Club affiliated by Ace Institute of Management organized fun-filled, substantive and hilarious drama thrilling the whole auditorium of Rastriya nach Ghar today.

The drama had two shifts of display, first one was at 2pm and the second was at 5pm. The ticket price for 2pm show was Rs 200 and that for 5pm show was Rs. 300 respectively.

10704223_751551078265697_3699850615180502096_oThe drama was conformed from  a French Drama ‘Tartuffe’ and translated as ‘Taraknath’ in Nepali. It basically signified the consequence of blind faith over thug, hypocrite of noble priest. The lead role and head of the family Aloknath, superstitiously follows the pathway directed by the thug,”Taraknath’ and enters into a great mess. He wishes to have his daughter married with Taraknath  in order to welcome prosperity and happiness. In the order hand, his daughter is in love with  a humble and generous person unaware of her father’s intentions .The tragedy turns when father orders his daughter to accept marriage with Taraknath which abides her love. Taraknath , the so- called noble priest has his eyes fixed on Aloknath’s wealth and admires his wife Aishworya erotically. The blind believer offers his entire property to the thug without a second thought.

The twist appears when he witnesses the dirty intensions of Talaknath for his wife in front of his own eyes, sadness is  that he is left empty-handed now. As every  ending is ‘Happy ending’, the climax concludes supporting Aloknath through police custody and getting her daughter married with her lover. The characters of whole family, Aloknath, his wife, mother, son , daughter and her friends added colors of humor and satire in the entire play along with the message ‘To look before you leap. And don’t believe on which remains unseen.

Huge mass of viewers enjoyed the drama that had combination of humor, satire, irony and tragedy together. Samuna K.C,the director of drama was honored with great public response. The group of actors, photographers, musician and organizers who left no stone unturned to make this event successful appeared in the stage at the end.

By: Sufiya Hayad Khan
Photo by: Utsav Nakarmi


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