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Adaptive Leadership for Resilient Teams : Online Webinar to be held


The COVID-19 crisis has adversely affected our lives and most prominently our work. Whether you are a manager or an associate, working in a multinational firm or a startup, the unprecedented lockdown has made it impossible to conduct business as usual. Not only are we facing challenges connecting with our customers and partners, we are finding it challenging to connect with our own teammates. The usual accountability approaches are no longer relevant and synergies are hard to create. In current times and ensuing aftermath, exercising leadership takes an elevated importance and becomes crucial to the sustainability of our organizations.

Nepal Leadership Academy aims to support participants to navigate such challenges through online sessions on “Adaptive Leadership for Resilient Teams”. In the two sessions, we will introduce you to the concept of adaptive leadership and explore how our leadership practices can evolve in professional settings. We will also explore practices that strengthen a team’s focus, connection and agility. While the importance of individual and team adaptation has been heightened amidst the ongoing crisis, the skills taught are crucial and applicable to times beyond the current crisis.

Concepts covered during the sessions:

  1. Practice of Adaptive Leadership
  • Understanding Authority vs Leadership Understanding
  • Technical vs Adaptive Challenges
  1. Build a Star Team
  • Shared interest vs Shared Values
  1. Create an enabling environment for growth


Nepal Leadership Academy (NLA) builds leadership capacity in change-agents to architect effective policy, business and civic solutions that tackle complex adaptive challenges.

Over the past five years, NLA has provided over 50 customized leadership courses to more than 700 innovators working in civic engagement, governance innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. Our courses and workshops, designed collaboratively through 18 months of action research by Dr. Pukar Malla, NLA Executive Coach and former Senior Research Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership, with distinguished professors Marshall Ganz and Ronald Heifetz at the Harvard Kennedy School, build on globally renowned leadership practices such as adaptive leadership, community organizing, and public narrative.

Register to the session here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflnbARaVe98cLnYspWmUAPaC3lPuhIUL0HV9G9pjDfARvAfw/viewform