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Additional Doctors and Medicines Reach Jajarkot Villages


Jajarkot, April 21, 2015: Additional medical aid with specialist doctors has reached Talegaun VDC of Jajarkot district.

The team of health workers with the medicine and specialist doctors have reached to the village as severe form of seasonal flu was reported in the VDC. The locals have been helpless as a majority of the family members almost in every house suffered from the disease.

Villagers have found it hard to take the patients to the nearest health check up camp due to geographical remoteness. It has been even difficult to transport the people to the health centers as so many villagers have been suffering from the swine flu here.

A large number of people have thronged to Talegaun based health-check-up camp after more doctors and medical were taken to the VDC on Monday and Tuesday.

As many as 435 people have taken the medical service in Talegaun, Nayakbada, and Achhani on Monday, said Krishna Bahadur Khatri, Information Officer at the District Health Office. Of them, health of seven people is severe, said Prema Lama, In-charge at the Health Post, Talegaun.

Lama said they have been making preparations to provide medical service to the locals setting up more camps in Ward No 7,8 and 9 in Talegaun VDC as a large number of people are lying on their beds waiting medical service.

Meanwhile, the number of patients suffering from the seasonal flu was under control in Pajaru, Sakla, and Paink VDCs, said Khatri.

The medical teams have examined over 4,000 patients in different VDCs in the district so far, he added. The administration have been dispatching more medicines and other equipments, doctors and health workers in the swine flu-affected area since early morning Tuesday as well to control the epidemic in Jajarkot. RSS


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