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Aditya Khadka :Youngest Documentary Director of Nepal


Age is never bound for anyone who is willing to do something and grab the opportunity . 15 year old Aditya Khadka, Glocal Teen Hero 2015 finalist is a passionate film maker delivering strong message to the society and has literary accomplishments which is worth international exhibitions. 

10628485_352528258269661_7122019098306172537_nAditya Khadka is the youngest documentary   director of Nepal and won world wide story writing competition. He loves reading story books, watching movie and big fan of photography and cinematography. He was a kind of mischievous child in his childhood but very confident in dealing with public mass. He has given speech in BICC Hall at the age of 6. He has also achieved the award in the competition named “Sano Babu Sano pari contest” at the very early age.

During Saptakoshi river flood, he initiated to collect fund and clothes to donate to victimized people at the age of 7 years. Aditya is passionate in making films and have already made 3 professional documenting and fiction films.

His main  inspiration is Steven Speilberg who made a film “Schindlers” likewise his parents and teachers always motivates and inspired him to do filming so he is fascinated towards filming field since early childhood.

For him the biggest challenge during Glocal Teen Hero 2015 was the tactful and cross questions during interviews from the wonderful panelists, likewise the most talented and competitive 98 participants.

Aditya Khadka receiving certificate and medal from Youth Minister Purusottam Poudel. Photo: glocalkhabar.com

As per him, his expertise area helped him to become the finalist of the Glocal Teen Hero 2015 and capability to prove himself as the youngest documentary maker.

Aditya is in grade 9 now and he have planned to do A- level. Then his future plan is to continue documentaries and filming with the motive to change the perception of the society towards growth. He have a dream to win the Oscar award in film making.

His messege:
“Country is our best identity so we shouldn’t leave rather we should be united towards its growth”.

The Principle of his life is to Do what you love and love what you do. He aims to inspire all the youth to do anything with passion, hard work and pursue their dream as there lies hero within every individual.

Interviewed and written by Sangita Tiwari


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