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Adminar – A seminar on advertising held in KUSOM


KATHMANDU: The advertising students from Kathmandu University School of Management Batch of 2016 organized ‘Adminar’ on May 31st. The event focused on showcasing of the various advertisements created by students of Kathmandu University while also encouraging a fruitful discussion on current trends of advertising in Nepal including the clean-feed policy which has been quite the talk of town in Nepal media industry lately.

Various connoisseurs from the field of advertising including Mr. Arose Sthapit, Client Serving Director of Echo Ad Agency, Mr. Harshawardhan Shahani, the CEO of V-chitra, Mr. Arjun Mohan Bhattarai from Advertising Association of Nepal, Ms. Pragya Sharma, Director of Marketing at Enliv IT, Mr. Pushkar Sharma, Faculty of Apex College and SOMTU and Mr. Rupesh Krishna Shrestha, the co-founder of Ideas Studio became a part of the panel discussion held during the event.

The panel discussion was held around various topics like – Clean feed policy being implemented in Nepal and sexism in advertisements. While some of the panelists suggested that implementation of clean feed policy would raise on a level-playing field for Nepalese goods in comparison to international goods, some panelists had opposing opinions and they highly questioned the practicality of implementation of the policy.

Shambhavi Dhakal, the joint co-ordinator for Adminar stated, “The event has helped us look at advertising from a completely different perspective. Since, we had such an educated and elite group of panelists, they brought us forward to elements of advertising that were always there but we didn’t notice them.”

Kathmandu University has always believed in integrating practicality in education and through events and challenges like this, the institution teaches the students to not only learn about advertising but also create them. The 3rd year advertising students from KUSOM were posed a challenge to create various marketing advertisements in groups. The video advertisements created by the students were also presented during the event.