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Adultery- Paulo Coelho | Book Review


The international bestselling author of the book ‘The alchemist’, Paulo Coelho is back with his new book Adultery. But unfortunately the book has failed to hit the right chord of the readers. Although author has tried to keep it simple the book lacks proper story and its implementation. Most of his fans will be disappointed from his new book as it offers the same old story which we have been reading all the times.

The story revolves around the main character Linda, who is a journalist by profession. She is a married woman with loving and supportive husband and two children. Although she seems to have perfect family which all the women dreams of having, she feels lonely all the time. She is dissatisfied with monotonous life where she has to wake up early, make breakfast for children, go to work and come home. She feels that something is missing in her life; may be love, passion or adventure we don’t know. Full of confusion she couldn’t figure out what is actually happening to her.

Suddenly one day, she meets her ex-boyfriend from her school days naming Jacob. Jacob is a politician who meets Linda in workplace for an interview. Eventually, they start to meet in different places of the city. Linda once again finds out the completeness in her empty and lonely life by meeting Jacob. But as both of them are having extra marital affairs they fear of being exposed. The feelings for Jacob has been portrayed as the feeling of love. But both of them clearly seems to be bored of their routine life and wanted some excitement from each other.

There is also a part in the book where Linda tries to trap Jacob’s wife out of jealousy. Linda tries to keep drugs in her bag so that she will be arrested. While the author tries to show it as a process of adultery and some form of depression. This whole story of Jacob and Linda seems to be lacking in some kind.

After going through the main theme I wished the ending to be different and motivating in some way. But the relationship between Jacob and Linda ended by their last sexual meeting where Linda says it was their last meeting. Then out of the blue she goes on vacation with her husband and finds the meaning of life. I don’t understand the essence of her talking with eagle while paragliding during the vacation.

The author has tried to garnish the novel with his life and love quotes. But it has failed to cover up the bitterness of the main theme. For the potential readers of Paulo Coelho like me, the novel will be complete disappointment and failed to live up to my expectations. It will certainly leave you with bitterness and incompleteness.

By: Sabina Bade

The writer is a Student of BBA at King’s College, Kathmandu.



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