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21 December, 2015: Fashion has changed overtime. It is timeless. With every year, comes new fashion. But every decade has something new to bring to the spotlight that makes their fashion memorable. Take a look back on some of the memorable women’s fashion of the past decades. You can see that though fashion has changed, people have found it easy to keep up with every changing style.


Back in the 50’s, most women would wear dresses designed as almost a maids dress and of course there were the famous poodle skirts. Girl’s dresses fluffed out with petticoats and crinolines worn under the skirt. They were usually of a floral pattern.

The shoes back were white ked tennis shoes or saddle shoes and accessories were scarves, cat-eye glasses, and delicate looking purses.


The 1960’s were the start of the hippie era. Bright colors and funky patterns were popular in the 60’s. The dresses were usually short, a couple of inches above the knee. The dress was usually designed where it wasn’t really made to fit your shape; it just went straight down and gave you a box like effect. Miniskirts were also fashionable in the 60’.

The shoes they wore were often high heels with a strap and buckle, or flats. They were closed toe and usually weren’t one solid color. This was also when go-go boots were popular. Most of the accessories were such as peace signs, headbands, and circular sunglasses that were usually bright colors.


The 70’s were the disco age. The fabric of the decade was polyester and acrylic. The dresses and skirts were usually had ruffles and were loose. Maxi skirts and long dresses were especially popular for formal events. Blouses were very popular, very loose and often had floral or metallic patterns.

Shoes in the 70’s were usually high. Platform shoes were quite popular on the dance floor. Accessories were usually similar to accessories worn by hippies during the 60’s, such as peace sign necklaces and other types of medallions.


In the 80’s there were many different types of styles. A popular style for shirts was shoulder pads or fair-isle sweaters. The pants were usually skin tight and acid washed. The 80’s was the decade when exercise became popular. Spandex was a big material used, usually colored in lime green and hot pink or other bright colors.

The shoes that were worn in the 80’s were mostly Converse. This was when they become popular and they started having a different range of styles and colors. Loafers also became popular in the 80’s. Popular accessory were legwarmers. Fingerless gloves were also quite popular. Other accessories include bangles and big bows to wear your hair.


There were a lot of different types of styles during the 1990’s. Wearing overalls became cool and so other type of denim. Bright colors were also frequently seen. Miniskirts were also very popular. Another type of style having shirts that showed your stomach called barred midriffs. The grunge style was another popular style in the 90’s.

Converse shoes were still popular in the 90’s. Doc Marten boots also became popular. Fanny packs were popular. Other popular accessories were scrunchies and slap bracelets.


The 2000’s were full of every changing style and you see the comeback of previous styles along with new styles. In the early part of the decade, heavy metal was in. Then the style changed to a pop punk style. Skinny jeans and ripped or faded jeans were popular during this decade.

Popular shoes included Vans, Converse, Ugg Boots and Crocs. Accessories were gel bracelets, oversized sunglasses and cocktail rings.


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