Air passengers stranded at TIA due to flight cancellation

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Air passengers stranded at TIA due to flight cancellation

Kathmandu, March 4: Air passengers heading to various destinations have been stranded at the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) after the flights to different countries were cancelled until 5:00 pm on Wednesday.

The TIA canceled the international flights after an airbus A330 aircraft belonging to the Turkish Airlines crash-landed and disrupted the TIA runway this morning.

The air passengers reached to the TIA premises on their way to different destinations have been worried as the next schedule for the flights were not fixed.

Sashi Thapa, who is heading to Japan said,” We are in problem as the time for the next flight was not fixed. We are uncertain whether to wait for the flight at the TIA or go back home.”

Similarly, Dinesh Khadka heading to Qatar said, “I am returning to hotel as my flight has concealed for today. But hundreds of air passengers are waiting at the TIA premises for further notice. They are left high and dry as they have no sufficient places to sit and keep their luggages, added Khadka.

As many as 35 international flights are operated from TIA and same numbers of aircrafts are landed to it providing services to around 12,000 passengers.

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