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All about Internship for Youth


An internship is a hands-on way to learn new skills at a company or organization rather than in a classroom. It is the time when students get to experience how things work practically, and in a professional manner in business houses. During their undergrad study, they get a month or so leave, so as for them to gain much insight on how corporations actually work. In context of Nepal, those who are applying for a job are mostly young adults, who just graduated. When we apply for a job, we require a proper structured Curriculum Vitae (CV). In this competitive world, the company intends to find the best of the candidates as their employee. To stand out from your competitors you need to have a strong CV and it is only possible when you show that you have the experience in a workplace rather than just education certificate. This experience is given through internship. It gives you the basic information about the actual business world and how it really functions. Internship is usually beneficial when you do it during your bachelors. You get to relate it with your studies too, depends on which department you are working in. It gives a better understanding of yourself, your future goals and best way to achieve them. It further provides you the exposure to deal with the real clients and business corporation rather than just solving a case study. ‘On the job’ experience during your internship teaches you, guides and gives you the direction to your work of interest. 

In today’s scenario we see graduate students asking for the job that would pay them 50K with the bachelor’s certificate they own, but what they don’t realize is having practical knowledge and skills are more preferred than theoretical insights only. Also during internship they wish to get paid, but internship is just a learning phase which is mostly unpaid and sometimes paid. It is the opportunity to enhance your potential and bring all that you have learnt theoretically into practice.

Nepalese students opt for internships during their undergrad studies. Some do it for a month, some other do it for more than just that. They get a blur picture of overall mechanism of corporations. They further keep continuing with their studies alongside. It helps them to learn better and know things vividly.

Personal network is really important in the world of business. During internship you get to know experts of different fields. You build professional connections that ultimately helps you in future in one or other way. Not just that, networking among people is regarded to be very important these days. We can offer our services at times when other clients are in need of it, and also, we can render help at some cases of crisis. Beginning early, building connections, networking and growing further, is some

Youths in their bachelor’s level have much of free time that they don’t utilize it in a right way, yet still, they expect more. It is much suggested to all the youth to get into the work field today and add more to your CV. Enhance your skill and outshine. Build up your profile and help make a change in the society. Because, it all begins with YOU!

-Prakriti Bhattarai