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All Kathmandu Debating Championship


The genuine war of ideas, the school of argumentation and the place for constructive criticism; Debate. All Kathmandu Debating Championship was organized by few energetic youths of the valley who have been involved in debating since past few years. With an aim of flourishing the culture of developing arguments and debating.

A total of 24 different schools and colleges participated with a hope of being the best critics in the valley and probably in the country. But only 8 teams who convinced the judges with their claims, reasoning and evidence could pave their way into the quarterfinals.

The selected 8 teams fought against themselves for a position in the semis but only 4 teams qualified and 2 reached even closer to claiming the title. If you are interested in the war of ideas and expressions, stay updated at facebook.com/debateyatra.

Chelsea team 1 and Rato bangla team 2 will go head on for the very coveted title.


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