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All That You Need To Know About SEE


SEE, or Secondary Education Examination, is the iron gate that everyone is required to pass through, so that they can mark completion to schooling. Previously called as School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C.), SEE comes to many as a colossal challenge. Evidences show that, students develop much pressure during this phase, and hence, they are very dedicated and sincere to studies. However, every student’s performance varies; some are good in logic and technicality while some are exemplary in literature and social sciences; everyone has varied fields of interests. 

For the past few years, SEE has introduced the grading system; it is also internationally recognized. Because of this, students can more easily apply elsewhere, meaning abroad if they want to. The trend of SEE gives a basic assumption to students for achieving future goals and it less discourages them as the grading system is undemanding. Many years back, there were questions asked from 9th and 10th grade. That was improvised and restructured; now  the questions are from just 10th standard and the grades earned in each course by the student are recorded on the student’s permanent record. Furthermore, it not only makes learning much easier, but also removes conflicts among peers for their percentage and rank’s comparison. In total, there are 9 grades- A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, D+, and E in the grading system of SEE result. A+ grade implies to “Outstanding” and it is given to students who score between 90 and 100. So, those students who do great in the exam receive A+ (considered as the highest grade) and those who are average in study receive B+, C+ or D+ (considered satisfactory grade). The grades earned in each course by the student are recorded on the student’s permanent record. The analysis of student’s achievement will be made on the basis of proper review of the attainment of the course. Grades below C+ is not considered satisfactory for students who want to enroll in reputed plus two colleges.  It doesn’t come in the way of their dreams because science is not a cup of tea for every student. 

SEE Grades – How important are they?

Students who have appeared in the recent SEE examination have ample of options; they can opt for Science, Management, Humanities or go for vocational courses; they can even take international degrees as the grading system has made it easier for that course of action. SEE examination is also homologous with the title “iron gate” probably because it opens the door for higher education here in Nepal. It is much suggested that students don’t stress over the grades they obtained. There are many doors opened after successfully passing the exam. Recently, there was news of a girl giving up her life just because she didn’t get the grade she had expected to. As heart rending as it is, the children should have a broader mindset. They should tally the outcomes beforehand and be prepared for whatever worse may come. Since they are the youth of tomorrow, they should learn to be more responsible. The mere grades obtained in the SEE examination doesn’t decide on everything they would want to do in life. They can still learn and grow. It shouldn’t stop them to dream big. We can take many examples from our successors who, no matter whichever division they got in their SLC, have still been able to create a platform for themselves and made a huge impact in the lives of people.

Officially, the students will not fail; there is no provision for an F grade. But there is a provision for categorizing unsatisfactory performance. If a student scores less than a GPA of 1.6 and fails to achieve a D+ grade in at least one subject, he or she will be ineligible for promotion to grade 11. But that doesn’t mean there is no possibility for promotion at all. Students can still take re-exam after a few months of the publication of result, get good grades and apply for further studies. 

It is much suggested for the next SEE appearing student not to obsess more on grades and stay focused on pursuing their ultimate goals and dreams because there’s never anything stopping to that.

Shreyasa Dhakal