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Amit Chaudhary (Co-Founder of GREPSR)


Amit Chaudhary, is one of such exceptional personalities who has been awarded a lifetime membership by Golden Key International Honor Society for achieving exceptional academic results and exhibiting leadership qualities at UTS by Golden Key International Honor Society Membership in April, 2010. Furthermore, he was provided with UTS: Information Technology Dean’s ACS Foundation Scholarship at UTS and Australian Computer Society in September 2009 where he was awarded a scholarship for a semester by UTS and ACS for excellent academic results in the first year.

Amit graduated from Maharastra Institute of Technology in the year 2007, with a degree in computer science. He took a break for two years, to gain experiences and insights, and to know how he could apply his theoretical knowledge practically. He then opted to go to University of Technology, Sydney, to pursue a Masters in Information Technology-Computer Science and soon enough, he became a master’s graduate in the year 2010.

While in the course of his Master’s study that is in the year 2007, Mr. Chaudhary worked in IT OFFSHORE NEPAL as a Software Developer. There he worked on implementing various CMS and trained others on using and deploying website using the Typo3 CMS. Then after, later in the same year, he joined Traffic Geyser Nepal (TGN) as a Director of Development. He was employed here for 5 years and 3 months. During the final few years of his job there at TGN, he co-founded GREPSR and he has given that a continuity for the past seven years.

-Shreyasa Dhakal