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An Awareness Journey To Build Climate Smart Nepal


April 13, 2015:  Today’s world became more specialized and more extensive than the world of the yesterday. At the time people are facing new problems everyday in the global arena. Climate change, outbreak of the Ebola virus, Swine Flu, etc. became the hot issues of today’s scenario.

10999507_372887839558279_886392833706744054_nClimate change being the global issue, Rajendra Mishra , undergraduate student at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science and also a youth activist has completed a project funded by the French Government under the supervision of Climates. Project was titled as “An awareness journey to built climate smart Nepal”.

The project was implemented in the five districts of Nepal: Palpa, Rupandehi, Kapilbastu, Rupandehi and Chitwan. Team has implemented project on a sampling basis in the five schools of each district. The project has totally covered 25 schools of Nepal. The project has simply touched twelve hundred youths of the country directly and touched more people during the implementation of the time.

Later in an event organized at Bhairahawa five youths selected individually from the each districts  were trained for the climate activism in their respective districts. The event was named as “Climate champion summit 2015”. Nowadays each youth of the districts has made a team in their respective districts for the climate movement.

“The world is ours and future is ours. It depends on us how we shape it.There is meaning of every life and we have to spend time in this world by shaping it. “ said Rajendra Mishra.


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