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An idea to Reuse and Recyle Waste: Team Rudra, Hult Prize PU Winner


In the planet where people are creating the mountains of trash and wastages, a study shows that at least 70% of the items that end up in the landfill are easily recyclable resources. Tracing this data as an opportunity to create a positive impact in the society, Samek Palikhel, Samayeh Rijal and Yogesh Pandey came up with the winning idea that is focused on recycled plastic products. Competing with twelve teams, Team ‘ Rudra’ from Apex College is the winner of the second edition of Hult Prize at Pokhara University and has received a chance to choose from the 25+ Regional Finals happening in different cities around the world to compete internationally.

With the continuous work combined with 62 hrs of no-sleep, Team Rudra had an idea to collect the recyclable plastics and manufacture the varieties of usable goods. Matching with the Hult theme, their aim is to provide job opportunities to youth of every possible qualities and skills. Their ideas cover the proper collection of trash to the manufacturing of the products themselves. Adding the comprehensive details about the idea, Samayeh expressed, ”Our idea is not only to decrease the use of plastic, but also to utilize the existing plastic-wastage.”

Addressing the confusion to choose among different Regional Finals to compete, Samayeh said, “Right now, we are still discussing where to apply for the Regional Finals. However, we have Tokyo and Shanghai in our list”. He further added, “Team Rudra is not only for a competition, but also for an effort to uplift the environmental conservation in Nepal. So, even after the competition, we all will be increasing our level of determination to bring our idea into action. We are working on to create a recycle notebook made up of the plastic which will be the first ‘Plastic Notebook’ in the world”.

Emphasizing the need of proper utilization of time, Samayeh said, “ Youth is the most enthusiastic period of life where enjoyment is what most of us seek for. While enjoying it, there is always the high chance of crossing the boundaries if the individual lack the self awareness and responsibilities. Therefore, please don’t let this time to go in vain for the sake of few entertainments. Be responsible, dream high, work hard. Make the most out of this phase.”

On the other hand, Samek shared, “Don’t live for the benchmark that others have set up for you. If you are bad in maths, you might be excellent in musics. So don’t live for others because you are the one to know yourself. Find yourself, and work to upgrade your potentialities.” Likewise, Yogesh stated, “ There is nothing wrong to go abroad, but what actually matters is your intentions. Go and explore the world but if you really want to invest your time, efforts and ideas, then Nepal can be the land of massive opportunities.”