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An Internship is an Investment in the Future


Internship is a natural bridge between college life and the professional world for students. It has always become a gateway to the success of a career. In a simple way, internship is a practice of making a career path smoother and easier. There are various matters why students should get active in internship programs.

Nowadays, there is a large practice of getting involved in an internship before being able to hold a job. According to the Dictionary.com; internship is defined as any official or formal program to provide practical experiences for beginners in an occupation or profession. It is important for both the student and the employer. In the context of students, if they have participated in the intern activities then they can identify their capacity of doing a particular job. Likewise, it is a benefit for the employer to hire someone who is already skilled and have the proper knowledge and idea about the job.

Today’s world is becoming a more challenging day today. To become a successor among the massive group of competitors then one must know the individual skill and potential. To figure out that, an internship helps a lot to identify the strength and weakness of a person. An internship is an investment in the future. What intern learn today will be part of their day to day activity tomorrow. Being a successful intern will make them a successful professional. Not only that but it is also a little opportunity for college students to compete with the job.

If an employer has to choose between two candidates; one with numerous internships and another that has not done any internship, the employer will almost always choose the candidate that has numbers of experiences. Internship experiences show the employers that you are more committed to a career in the given industry. People have lots of problems getting a job opportunity due to lack of skill and resources.

To enhance their ability involving in an internship would be a better idea. It is very important to realize self-skills so that the person doesn’t have to regrade later for making something part of their daily life. If a student gets involved in such matter then he/she will get to know their interest and also enjoy while doing their work. It is not all about interests and skill but it is also a learning process for students. As internship connects two different worlds for students they will get a chance to evaluate the difference between real-world life and life as a carefree teenager. Once a person gets involved in internship then they will slowly change their self into someone wise and mature human being.

Why internship?

Time management: It is a real world now and one should learn how to manage their time. Even a second matters a lot when a person is involved in a busy world. People will have very limited time duration, as per the time decision they are ought to submit their assign at the time and that is what the internship teaches first the value of time.

Career foundation: It is the basic component of the internship. Career foundation means a person knows very well about what he/she is working for but without letting it consume him/her. Internship teaches one to think beyond their capacity which will be important for their future career. It is a base for the future. Career foundation means to have a vision in mind. It gives ideas about how to create balance work and life.

Resume builder: Internship is all about experiences so where ever we go to apply for a job they ask for our resume. To make our content of skills and experiences expandable internship background support will be very much effective. It helps us to make a good and strong resume.

Real world experiences: Real world experiences are totally unknown to our levels students. They don’t know how hard it will be to stand for self and settle a life while before they have been depending upon their family. Interns will have the taste of how life will be in their coming lives. And to gain such experience is very important.

Teaches teamwork: While in the process of moving ahead in life we meet various kinds of people and have to tackle with their point of views so being able to work in a team helps to fix lots of complications. It helps a person to build their lead. It can also support a person to cooperate while doing a job in a large office or network.

Get to work in a real environment: College students that complete an internship have a great advantage over those that don’t. They learn how to apply their academic knowledge into practical life. An internship gives us the chance to test-run the knowledge that we have gained while learning new skills in the process. Moreover, internships give you the chance to learn more about the industry that we are interested in which is impossible to practice within the classroom. It is a very great starting professional world. It is a technique to gain professional experience.

Overall, it is a really great starting for a beginner to view a real world. It helps them to fight for any challenges that come by during the working life experience. It is a wealth of benefits to students. If we want to get a good job or career then it is important to be careful while we are doing an internship as it teaches us the process of getting through our professional life.

By: Januka Dhodari