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An Online Session- “Managing Emotions and Career”


On 9th May, Ensemble For Bachelors in association with Edusanjal.com, Nepalgunj Gallery and Green Events Pvt.Ltd organized an online session on “Managing Emotions & Career”. Ensemble for bachelors is a group of undergrads comprising students from Management faculty and assisting them to learn and lead.

This session was organized to emphasize the idea to balance emotions, psychology in career development. The session was attended by 40 students from different districts of the country. The session was conducted online using Zoom application. The session was conducted for 2 hours. During the session, students shared their opinions, thoughts and experience regarding the emotional outcome they face during their career development.

The speaker Mr.Rajan Koirala spoke about how an individual can deal with the emotions and what are the key aspects that students should draw attention to while choosing their career. Rajan koirala is a certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach working in the areas of Marketing and Communications, Human Resource Management, Business Analytics, Counseling, Training and Development for more than 15 years. He is currently working as Chief Business Officer at edusanjal.com, former marketing and communication head at merojob.

Mr.Koirala conducted an interactive session where the students were able to discuss their confusions regarding their emotions and career. Mr. Koirala spoke about the problems that can be faced in work places if emotions cannot be handled. He made the session very interactive and provided solutions to most of the dilemmas of the students. At the beginning of session, Mr. Koirala gave a brief information about emotional intelligence. He connected his personal experience with the emotions/career and made clear about the concept.

At the end, students appreciated and thanked Mr. Koirala for making the session very informative and fruitful. Ensemble for Bachelors conducted a small five minutes feedback session at the end of the session.