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‘Ananadostav’ conducted with theme Swa-Suraksha


Mumbai, November 24, 2015: The NSS unit of Kishinchand Chellaram College, Mumbai organized a fun-filled program ‘Anandotsav’ on the 16th of November, 2015. It is a social – cultural program and the theme of the program was Swa-Suraksha. Swa symbolizing Swachhta and Suraksha symbolizing road safety campaign. As soon as the holidays began, the students spent their entire one month vacation to make the program successful.

The invitees for this year were Aunties from All saints home, Cancer patients from Tata Memorial, Thalassemia Major Patients from Think Foundation, Underprivileged children from Dharma Bharti Mission, Swachhta karmachari from A ward and Traffic Police officers.

Since the theme was Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the students displayed the work done by them in the past years in their adopted village Saphale. Starting from the town to the actual village where the students of K.C.NSS have constructed toilets and bathrooms for the farmers and their family’s dignity. They have also constructed a ‘DhobiGhat’ in the village to avoid the mixing of the detergent water with the running river water. The decoration also included models and statistics of the no. of toilets in India. A vermi – compost basket was shown and explained to the invitees. Another model depicted how the water used in the basin could be drained in the backyard for kitchen farming. Their upcoming project for Swachh Vidyalalya was shown where they wish to construct toilets in the school in the village for the children.

4Another section displayed around 20 posters made by the students to spread awareness among the college and also with the help of cartoons for the children to understand.The next section showed a model which explained how our energy could be used to draw water without wasting water at the same time. Also due to over- filling of Nirmalaya Kalash (an initiative by the BMC to collect the offering to god) another model was suggested in which the problem of over-filling is solved and the work of BMC workers is simplified.

6Being a cultural event, students spread awareness in the form of their dance. The most energetic dance ‘Ganesh Vandana’ was performed wherein one of the students was made Ganpati and immersed in an artificial pond made by the students.These students were appreciated by the Earth Day Network in the form of certificates. Another dance performance called Flash mob was performed at the program on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan . A game was also organized in the gaming section for the children where they were asked to segregate the waste on the basis of the 3R. The child segregating the maximum no. of waste correctly was given a certificate along with gifts.

The students targeted various groups of the society with the aim to share in their happiness and sorrows in our own small manner and also spread the vision of Narendra Modi of Swachh Bharat.


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