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Android App to help Earthquake Damage Data Collection


Lalitpur, 25 May, 2015: In collaboration with Thread Paints and 3H Management, nlocate jointly organized the Earthquake relief campaign.These organizations provided 30 tents to Teach For Nepal Team which was dispatched and distributed.The team had provided food, tents and phenyl to the people of Pokhare, Barkobot, . Dada Gaun, Naikap Heights and Katunjepani, Sangachok. They also had an engineer to inspect the building of Shree Jana Vikaas Madhyamik Vidhyala. Likewise their team had dispatched to Jhyangri, Kumari VDC, ward No. 2, Nuwakot on May 4 with the following relief materials: Tents, Food: Rice, Lentils, Salt, Blanket and Medical supplies.

A small team reached Manakamana VDC with a few relief materials and a Structure Inspector, Ar. Upendra Subedi, to tell people how safe their houses were. They have developed an Android App to help Earthquake Damage Data Collection.

In an interview with the CEO of nlocate, Mr.Manoj Gimire, their organization along with the Thread paint Hamro Pravidi Ramro Nepal, NGO and around 50 IOE Volunteers have actively worked through different channels for 12 days for relief material campaign. They have visited very affected areas like -Dhading, Sindhupalchok, and other 15 places and distributed relief materials worth 50 lakhs.

“The resilience was amazing, full of humanity. The people were thankful to the relief team and asked for tents and medicines rather than food, in overall people’s respond was positive”, he added.

To the question, “How you managed volunteers?” he replied, “members of different organizations, corporate houses along with the volunteers of engineering colleges gathered at nlocate office and every resource management was done.”

Upon the youth involvement he said, “Everyone was willing to help with the things of their capacity, either in kind, time, fund, effort and whatever they could contribute. Thus, seeing such youth activism and energy he felt that if opportunities are given to the youth, they can come up with the amazing outcome. They have risk taking ability and even better entrepreneurial potentiality”

For nlocate team the the major challenges was with the journey because of hilly areas with the possibility of dry landslide, narrow road, need to walk for 2-3 hours after getting off from bus. But besides that everything was smooth and readily available.

For their long term plan they are coming up with their next project “Together we stand hand in hand” this project has the target to generate 1 crore with very minimal time, effort, and money so that the fund collected will go the PM Relief Fund”

By: Sangita Tiwari


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