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ANJAL NIRAULA: a big story with his small initiative


Kathmandu, October 22, 2016: Just 14 years old, Anjal Niraula, Glocal Teen hero 2016 Finalist is a social worker who has inspired everyone with his noble initiative to build school for earthquake victims in Sindupalchowk.

The small effort that later on ascended to heights is exemplary which reflects that age doesn’t define maturity and that a small step taken could bring out huge waves of transformation. He helped in rebuilding the schools that were shattered by the terrible quakes Nepal experienced last year. His efforts have been evident in successfully helping people to make their lives better with education.

Sharing about the inspiration behind launching the project, Niraula says, “They lost their school, they lost it all. I took a small step to make them dream again!”


We all know that a massive twin earthquake hit our country in 12th and 29th of Baisakh where many died and many became homeless.  Hundreds of schools were destroyed as well.  It was the time when the undefeatable Gorkhalis put their hands up to the realm of nature.  Hence, in order to help the earthquake victims in different parts of Nepal, he formed a club named “HELPING SOUL”. The club collected donations from the people who were willing to become part of the noble cause. Initially they planned to use the donated amount in the construction of school so that children could be facilitated with education even in the adverse condition. However, the collection was insufficient. After few days, with the help of Nepal’s renowned journalist Mr. Bhoj Raj Bhatt, the idea of constructing the school in Kodana Village in Sindhupalchowk was conceived.They were also advised to turn their club into a “project” in order to carry out their objectives more effectively and efficiently.

After that the search for donations and help were massively carried out.  Out of the total collection Rs. Six lakhs nine thousand five hundred and eighty three rupees was used in the reconstruction of school in Kodana. Another Thirty five thousand rupees was used in buying books, copies, bags and other stationeries to the children there. The cheque amounting to six lakhs and 900 pieces copies, 45 pieces bags , 20 dozens pencils , erasers , sharpeners  and other stationeries were handed over to the principal of Shree Mahendra Higher Secondary School.


Anjal highly appreciates the support that is being provided to him by his friends and family. He says,” It was my father who supported and motivated me by providing a fund of ten thousand rupees in the beginning”. Also his sister works as the Vice president of the club. The initial challenge in starting up a project was convincing people to join hands with them through contribution but people were reluctant to donate money. However, with the success in establishment of school, he has gain a lot of trust for his future endeavours.

Apart from being a Glocal Teen Hero finalists, he has also been recognized as ” face of change” by Coca Cola in a program named feri uthne xa Nepal (Nepal will rise again)”. Adding to his future plan he said, “I want to work for the people and society. I have planned to establish different schools,libraries, labs across country to make education accessible for all. I want to help the helpless.”

By Basanta Kumar Dhakal and Anusha Kadel