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Announcement of ticket counter till 8 pm


Kathmandu: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has proclaimed to open the ticket counter till 8 pm to support Visit Nepal Year (VNY) 2020 campaign. The board meeting of NAC held on November 21.

Joint spokesperson for NAC, Mr. Sulekh Mishra said NAC expects the late evening services for ticket booking to make it easy for passengers who need to make last-minute bookings and also to cope with the busy schedule. He said-“We have come up with the decision to open our central ticket counter till 8 pm as a strategy to attract tourists by providing quality service. This step will definitely benefit passengers.”

Mishra said the central ticket counter of the national flag carrier in normal times remains open only during office hours(10 am- 5 pm). He further mentioned that the board meeting has also decided to cooperate with hotels and tour operators to sell NAC’s flight tickets for their tour packages via NAC’s international ticket selling counters. While selling the tour packages NAC will conduct a lucky draw every month at the international ticket sales counters. “The winner of the lucky draw will receive one free ticket from NAC to travel to Nepal” Mishra added.

The board meeting has also decided to form a committee to formulate a strategic plan for the promotion of the VNY 2020 campaign through the national flag carrier and a sub-committee for the digitalization of NAC, according to him.

“With this digitalization, NAC will have an online working system and the promotion of the national flag carrier along with VNY 2020 will be conducted via a digital platform. The sub-committee will also handle media management and information sharing system for tourists including both domestic and foreigner travelers”- he added.

Mishra quoted the committee and subcommittee will be formed soon.

The board meeting has also aimed at all the concerned authorities to attach the VNY 2020 campaign’s logo on all its domestic and international aircraft to promote the campaign. The logo will also be used on all the official vehicles of NAC.

“VNY 2020 is a great opportunity for us to promote our historical, cultural and natural resources. We all have to put in our efforts to make this campaign successful.”- says Mishra.

Source: THT