Kathmandu, Sept 5, An enchanting day for all enthusiastic Apexians who gathered together for this astonishing event. The annual event has been a traditional program ever since the college was first inaugurated. A jovial smile was perceived from The Principal, Students, Teachers and so forth, who were literally anticipating for the event to begin.

Precisely at 6 pm, emcee delivered the speech of the grand opening portraying a vivid picture about the event, whilst acknowledging her perspectives towards the Principal, Teachers, Students and Organizers respectively. Later followed by the Principal, L P Bham Sharma who initiated the event by illuminating the candle within the periphery of the Rangoli, which was created by the students. In addition the Principal was blissful, excited and emotional as all A to Z students were socializing together to bring smiles on their faces and to bring creativity and Apex smile culture. Moreover, ample of programs that were laid down, one of which the acoustic night was the main highlight of the event, later followed by solo dance and so forth.

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Ample of students were interviewed regarding their perception towards the event. According to Aarti Neupane, she quotes “ I am very excited about this event, Apex eve marking the establishment of Apex College”. Similarly Sunil Chapgain an M.B.A student of 2th Semester argues “ I am damn excited for the very thing and I am gonna rock & roll the evening. Thumbs up to organizers”. Likewise Manish Simkhala, a B.B.A student, 3rd year of 6th Semester states, “ I am very excited to be the part of this event. This is an event which highlights the overall days spent here in Apex”.

This was such a day when all students felt proud of being a part of such a wonderful institution. Apparently a sense of solidarity, excitement and accomplishment was observed among members of the institution, which later bought to the competition of the event.


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