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Another Samsung device just caught on fire — this time, the Galaxy S7 Edge


October 25, 2016: If you thought you were finished hearing about Samsung and its spontaneously combusting devices, think again. It’s not just the Galaxy Note 7 that’s presenting a problem — it’s now the Galaxy S7 Edge, too. Apparently, when it rains, it’s absolutely torrential in the Samsung world.

As per a recent report from PhoneArena, yet another Galaxy S7 Edge phone has caught fire, this time while being charged with an OEM charger. The latest incident was reported by an individual who allegedly is an employee of “one of the big” U.S. carriers. As the anonymous source told PhoneArena, a customer came to the retailer just two weeks after receiving his new S7 Edge, which as luck would have it, was a replacement for the Galaxy Note 7. While charging the phone overnight using an OEM charger, the owner reported that the phone burst into flames.

Sadly, this isn’t a novel occurrence for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Last month, another smartphone user sued the Korean phone maker when his own handset caught on fire in his pocket. This left him with a series of second and third-degree burns. A similar incident took place a couple weeks ago in the Philippines, whereupon a woman claimed that her own S7 Edge caught on fire while her teenaged daughter was using it.

While three incidents certainly isn’t a good track record, it might still be a bit premature to accuse the S7 Edge of being just as faulty a the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Samsung hasn’t commented on the most recent burning smartphone, and we’re still waiting on a formal investigation to determine the root of the incident. And given that the S7 Edge has been around for over six months, we probably needn’t worry about a widespread case of spontaneously combusting handsets. Not yet, at least.