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Antique stone-craved monument awaiting preservation


Bhaktapur, 15 Oct 2014: The 400-year-old stone-carved monument, which was found at Tathali VDC in the eastern belt of Bhaktapur three years back, is on verge of burial in lack of preservation.

Though the stone-carved record found in Tathali VDC, Ward No. 3 and 4 is of high quality from the perspective of world history and culure, it is on verge of collapse due to lack of concrete preservation efforts.

The location where the records carved in three big rocks is now turning into a grass land due to sheer ignorance to preserve the antique treasure, said locals.

It is learnt that the stone-carved records were found in Chhap, Biswokarmagaun, paddy field and Halal village of Tathali.

Researcher and historian Dr Purswottam Shrestha said a great history will be erased if the stone-carved records detected three years back were not preserved immediately.

The stones have the carving of different records and images during the rule beginning from the then King Jagjyoti Malla in Nepal Sambat 745 to King Bhupatintra of Bhaktapur.

The two big stones found in Biswokarmagan depict the most ancient records of King Jagjyoti Malla along with six other historical information while stone-carved monument found in Basuki village has eight important records and two antique symbols of King Jitmitra Malla of Bhaktapur and King Pratap Malla of Kantipur.

Chief of National Art Museum Aruna Nakarmi said it is very important to preserve and protect the open museum located under the open sky and bring the treasure to limelight after undertaking wide research on the images and records carved in the stone.

Secretary of Tathali VDC Shaligram Poudel said the limited budget of the VDC is not adequate to preserve the great heritage of stone carvings so the concerned authority should put in place urgent measures for its protection.

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