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Apeiron Sponsored Zoo Visit for 42 Students of Community School


Kathmandu, February 21, 2019: Shri Vairabi Adarbhut School from Bhaktapur got sponsored by an INGO Apeiron for Zoo visit for 42 students from 2-6 years on Wednesday. The organization is working towards an equal opportunity to the people in Nepal since 2004.

“The help provided by Apeiron is helping the community school to gain more students”, said Sama Sharma (Teacher of Shri Vairabi School). She added, “It has majorly contributed for quality improvement of community schools.”

42 students and 5 teachers of the community school Vairabi Adarbhut School went for a Zoo visit yesterday. Apeiron sponsored the visit. Sama Sharma said, “It is frequently making such contribution to the school.”

“The students were very happy and were enjoying the field visit.” Said Sama Sharma. The children were from the early childhood stage. As said by Sama Sharma, “Children are small and they are the base for future. In such a situation, if they are presented with an opportunity for overall development, the society will benefit.”

Apeiron is helping the society of Nepal for overall development and empowering the young generation. The community school benefiting from the act of Apeiron is helping in the overall development of community schools in Nepal. Student of community schools does need such contributions.