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Apex Court introduces online service

Apex Court introduces online service
Apex Court introduces online service

Kathmandu, 15 Dec 2014: The Supreme Court (SC) has introduced an online system to deliver quick and efficient services to its clients.

With this, the apex court will keep abreast the service recipients with the developments of the cases through SMS.

An online service will be delivered to service seekers through 40 district courts including Appellate Court Biratnagar from December 16 onwards.

The apex court has come up with the system to ensure that the justice delivery system is prompt and effective through the use of information and communications technologies in the management of the cases.

The services will be expanded to other courts, said the SC sources.

The service seekers registering appeals, writs and applications in the courts can get case hearing date from the appellate and district courts of the respective region.

With this in place, the service recipients are not subject to pay any price for judiciary service.

A mechanism has been arranged to pass on information on deferral of case hearing dates through online service. The concerned district court will take responsibility to reach out the information to the concerned service recipients.

Likewise, various information including that of registration dates of the case, writ and application, hearing dates and rulings issued from concerned benches will be passed on to clients via SMS.



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