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APF to secure Chitwan industries


Ratnanagar (Chitwan), 20 October 2014: The Armed Police Force (APF) is to provide security at the Chitwan based industries.

An agreement has been reached between the industrialists and businessmen and the office-bearers of the APF border security force to start joint initiatives to that end.

It is said this measure is being taken to prevent incidents of forced collection of donation from industries, vandalism and businesses and the frequent trade union strikes.

According to the security plan, the APF personnel will patrol around the industries and also adopt other strategies for security, APF Aanptari security post chief, Shambhu Upreti, said.

For this, the police is preparing a map of the Chitwan-based industries for close study and to surveillance their activities for rapid response in case of any untoward incident.

Former president of the Chitwan Industries Association Hari Prasad Subedi, Tara Prasad Poudel and the incumbent general secretary Raju Piudel and other office-bearers and the APF have reached an understanding in this connection.


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