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‘APPLE PAY’ another trendsetter?

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Apple Pay, will it be safe enough?

Firstly, an apology to all the non-Apple fandom but its September and the Apple annual Keynote has just ended with new products and services. Another intriguing new Apple service is here with the name ‘Apple Pay.’ Unless another company can sell an average spec phone for $949, Apple will never go out of talk.

Apple has never been an innovator but rather a trendsetter. They didn’t invent the mouse; Xerox did but they set the trend of mouse on the Personal Computer. Portable Music Players existed long before the iPod, but they made it cool. Smartphone is a Nokia invention but iPhone brought the smartphone trend. Tablet was an original from Microsoft but iPad was the one that sold huge. So, is online payment the new trend Apple are ready to set?


Online and Mobile Payment has been around for at least the last 5 years. In some places, they are huge while in other, not so much. Google, long ago introduced Google Wallet but it hasn’t caught up as a ‘thing’ yet. Paypal has been online payment site since a long ago but still the payment system is dependent on cash and credit cards. Will Apple be able to change it?

Apple may be hated by a lot of people, but the fans are always eager to use the services provided to them. Apple Pay might also come out as the establisher of Mobile Payment System. They might not again be the founder of Mobile Payment but they might be the trendsetter.
While it might seem that Apple Pay might be a trendsetter, can their security really be trusted. After the release of personal pictures of all the celebrity not long before the launch of Apple Pay from the celebrity personal iCloud account, people will be concerned if they can trust Apple with their money.

Will Apple again be the trendsetter or the security issues will affect its popularity? Only time will tell the true story.
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By: Sukrit Pant