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Apples worth Rs 50 million imported from India


Biratnagar, October 12, 2017: Traders in Morang alone have imported apples worth fifty million rupees targeting the upcoming Tihar and Chhath festivals.

A total of 75 truckloads or 15 million cartoons of apple have been imported already, the central member of Fruit Entrepreneurs Association, Nagendra Das said. There are more than 50 apple wholesalers and around 3,000 retails in the eastern region.

Nagendra Traders of Biratnagar has been importing apples from India targeting the markets in the region. Apples are imported from Himachal and Kashmir of India and from China as well.

The significantly larger amount is due to the comparatively higher demand for apples during the festival season including Dashain, Tihar and Chhath, said Das, who runs the Nagendra traders in Biratnagar-6.

Source: RSS