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Application For Digital Internship And Leadership


Kathmandu, August 06, 2018: Digital Volunteer Initiative is looking for (under) graduates who are interested to be data skilled and contribute in the digital development of Nepal by leadership and internship.

Kathmandu Living Labs started Digital Volunteering Initiative which works with aspiring youth to prepare them for data movement. The DIAL program is a three-month program which aims to broaden the understanding of open data, technology, civic learning and preparation of next-generation leaders in the digital world. The (under) graduates are open for the application. The internship part will be a portion of KLL’s flagship program of Digital Volunteers. The interns will also be a part of rigorous training which will introduce and train them to understand the wide range of digital tools especially the Open Street Map (OSM). Career-wise, they will also receive mentorship and leadership development from National and International experts.

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