Applications open for The King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award 2018

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Applications open for The KIng Hamad Youth Empowerment Award 2018

Applications are now open for the The King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award are open now .

The award recognizes young people’s endeavour to be effective and productive citizens, contributing to the welfare of their communities and environment, as well as institutions that improve the enabling environment and infrastructure for youth to make an impact, in all United Nations Member States.

The award has two categories : individuals and group category. The individual award recognizes youth contribution to achievements of the sustainable development goals and the second category recognizes enablers of youth participation action and impact for SDGs achievement.

This first category is open to applicants from all UN member states and the applicants can be:


  • Individual youth above the age of 15 years and below the age of 30 years
  • A youth-led entity (defined as any entity, in which at least 50% of current management/leadership is below age of 30)
  • A youth-focused entity (defined as any entity, in which at least 90% of resources serve youth above 15 and below 30 years of age).\


The second category is open to entities that are legally recognized and registered in a UN member state, in one of the following four sectors:


  • The governmental and public sector;
  • The private sector;
  • NGOs/foundations,
  • The media.


The award is open to people from all around the world and the interested parties can visit the official site for the awards to register themselves in the desired category. All the applications should be submitted by 30th October, 2018 and the 8 winners will be informed of their selection by January 2019.