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Apply for Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2015

Apply for Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2015
Apply for Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2015

Jan 30, 2015:  Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF) in association with U.S. Embassy Nepal, is organizing the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp with the vision of empowering positive business thinking and the entrepreneurial mindset. The camp will start form February 26-28, 2015 at Park Village Hotel and Resort, Kathmandu.

Apply for Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2015

The boot camp will targets people with a strong, demonstrable interest in starting, or being involved in, the creation of a new business with the theme of “Unleash your ideas”. It is the platform of entrepreneurship and business to all professional arenas. This is a 3-day residential program and only with 32 applicants will be selected by reviewing their application and business idea.

During the event, the teams will have intensive sessions on enhancing their understanding on starting a business, completing and presenting the business model canvas, with a particular emphasis on critical thinking process and financial planning. The teams will also be assigned mentors to help them in formulating and creating a strong business plan.

The program also aims to invite several established entrepreneurs and business leaders to provide inspiration and insights about idea, business strength and sustainability to the participants. All the participants will get an opportunity to be a part of the vibrant community of aspiring entrepreneurs, which will be a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with seasoned entrepreneurs and experts.

Winning ideas will also get an access to the pool of mentors at NYEF as well as an opportunity to further work on their idea through NYEF’s Business Accelerator program. NYEF also expects to constantly follow-up with the participants and their business ideas in an attempt to maintain a close-knit community and a healthy ecosystem of aspiring entrepreneurs.

NYEF has always advocated for entrepreneurship and positive business thinking, and this bootcamp is one of the several programs that are organized to disseminate NYEF’s vision and mission to support the process of nurturing and growth of young entrepreneurs in Nepal.



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