Are Nepali media promoting entrepreneurship?


    Kathmandu, November 22, 2017: Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) on Wednesday organized a special program to discuss about the role of media to promote entrepreneurship in Nepal. The program was held to mark Global Entrepreneurship Week in Nepal and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

    In the current situation, although media have been looking at entrepreneurship and business with keen eyes, much is left to be understood regarding entrepreneurship, its ecosystem and its true value to the nation. The interaction program was dedicated to talk about creating a much-needed bond with the media and their role to foster entrepreneurship.

    The speakers included Kuber Chalise, editor of Karobar daily, Prateek Pradhan, editor of Baahrakhari online, and Subhash Ghimire, editor of Republica. The session was moderated by Manish Jha, General Manager of Facts Nepal.

    The gist of the editors’ dialogue was,

    Nepali media have mostly been supportive of entrepreneurs, and those who do something new and innovative. Of late, positive media coverage to promote startups and entrepreneurship is on the rise like never before. But, media publicizing a startup can’t ensure its success. You need to work hard on your own with passion and dedication. You need to have people’s trust on your products and services. You need to create the market for your product. 

    On a different note, the editors also talked about challenges of establishing media as an enterprise on its own, and challenges for a new media to establish itself as a credible media. Prateek Pradhan said that it’s hard to get investors for media in Nepal. “Added to this, there is a challenge to establish yourself as a credible media. It’s easy to start, but hard to institutionalize it, especially in the present scenario when (online) media are mushrooming,” said Pradhan.

    Being organized for the first time in Nepal, the program, Spark Week is a jamboree with coming together of many stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship. It intends to bring together scattered ecosystem actors along with other players such as media, bilateral and development organizations, etc. to come and work together. The program will run for five days.