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Are you up for the Thousand Rupees Youthpreneur Challenge?


Thousand Rupees Youthpreneur Challenge hosted by ISAP – Institution for Suitable Actions for Prosperity, empowers youth to become creative and critical, particularly through entrepreneurship. The challenge for the youthpreneur is to maximize Rs.1000 that is invested in each group by implementing a business/project idea in three weeks.

Workshops will be conducted in the first three days after which the participants work independently on their projects, and together will reconvene to discuss their achievements and celebrate progress on the last day. There will be one or two check-in visits or phone calls to ensure that student learning is on track and to troubleshoot any issues that have come up.

First 3 days (workshop): 12 noon to 3pm
Last day (achievement celebration): 12 noon to 2pm
In-between: Youthoprenuers work on their own


To pre register log on to: https://goo.gl/forms/fvfsj1ce2czhhP8F3
Date: November 14- November 16, 2016
Venue: JICA Alumni Association Nepal, Balkhu
Registration fee: Rs. 2000 with T-shirt and snacks.