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Area Cleanliness Program At Tri-Chandra College


Capture1Kathmandu, Nov 20, 2014:  “We for Earth” organized college area cleanliness program at Tri-Chandra College to preserve Tri- Chandra college heritage and to give satirical message to college administration. Tri- Chandra is the eldest college of Nepal. But the condition of waste management there doesn’t seem  to be good.

The program started with formal speech of the Vice Campus Chief, in which he assured students to  provide needed technical supports for our upcoming programs. More than 50 students from different faculty joined the campaign. About 2 hour long campaign was able to collect over 500 kg of waste from  college area.

According to Regan Sapkota, team leader of We for Earth, “this is just an initiation to make  Tri- Chandra college as an idol college to other college in terms of waste management, but for this we need assistance from every one of the college either students or staffs.
We for Earth have been regularly doing environmental friendly activities in Tri- Chandra whereby they just planted more than 100 plants in the college area to keep the college clean. Green and healthy. While Noor Dangol, one of the member of We for Earth said, they are planning to organize a campaign to pressurize college administration to declare Tri- Chandra college as a plastic free zone. She added, to save the history we need to act wise very soon before making it too late.


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