Around 100 leprosy patients in Parsa

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Around 100 leprosy-patients in Parsa

Birgunj, 24th January,2015 : Around 100 leprosy patients have been found receiving treatment in Parsa district.


The news on this was brought by a report released by District Public Health Office (DPHO), Parsa, at an interaction on the occasion of Leprosy Day today.

Around 100 leprosy-patients in Parsa
Around 100 leprosy-patients in Parsa


Shambhu Yadav, Tuberculosis and Leprosy Officer at the DPHO, Parsa, said as many as 98 persons were found taking medicine regularly to cure leprosy. Of them, 62 have severe nature of the disease while 36 are suffering the ordinary one.


Moreover, 124 persons have already taken medicine and got relief.


Leprosy day is marked on Sunday this year.


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