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Around 300 cases of Domestic violence against women recorded


Kathmandu, 19 October 2014: The National Women’s Commission data has revealed that violence against women is increasing on a yearly basis.

At a press conference held on Sunday here, a data on domestic and non-domestic incidents of violence faced by women was made public.

As per the data, a total of 456 complaints were filed in fiscal year 2070/2071 BS. In the total complaints 296 cases were registered as domestic violence while 160 as other incidents of violence against women.

In year 2068/069 BS, a total of 130 cases of women related violence were registered, while in 2069/70 BS, 322 cases of such incidents were recorded. In those successive years, 215 cases of incidents of domestic violence had been registered while 107 cases of women related other violence were recorded.

Among the recorded domestic violence faced by women, 44 per cent of the total cases were related to couples tying knots in traditionally arranged marriage ceremonies, while 43 per cent of the cases were of couples having love marriage.

Source: RSS


Commission’s Chairperson Sekh Chandtara apprised of the activities carried out by the Commission and added that a legislation against violence faced by women was being sent to the Ministry.


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