Karkhana is an approach to learning. Its teachers are engineers, designers, and artists, scientists who gradually turn the classroom into a laboratory for discovery. They want pupils to gain one key insight: the world is malleable.

Yantra program initiated by Kharkhana is like a stepping-stone for energetic young people, who are motivated with an effort to engage and socialize with technologists and artists together.

“Natural and Social Sciences are both the same, there are some connections linked between these disciplines so helping children know about Science and Arts is equally essential if one wants to build an innovative and artistic robotics out of it” said Mr. Pavitra Gautam, CEO of Karkhana, while talking to Glocal Khabar.

Yantra is an initiative people can bring their learned theoretical knowledge into practice by inventing robots from an artistic approach, making it more exciting to use. This incentive was started when people thought that innovation does not come from one discipline. Yantra 3.0, RAN, Karkhana and Siddhartha Arts Foundation’s Education Initiative have collaborated together to The Arts, Technology and Science. Yantra 3.0 will take place from 8th to 15th November 2014 with various events.

The very first event of Yantra 3.0, The Art Tech Exhibition will start from 8th November until 15th November at Nepal Art Council. A weeklong exhibition which is in collaboration between both Artists and Technologists, intensively designed to broaden an understanding of how each particular object works and creates. Its emphasis is on interaction between the audience and the artwork, which deals with issues such as identity, education, shared cultural heritage and so forth.

The second event, Robotics Competition will happen on 14th November at the Army Sports Training Centre in Lagankhel. The competition has three games of 215 participants. Bridge to Lanka is the main event of the robotics competition. Participants have to build a robot that is controlled by android application to help Lord Ram get across the ocean of Lanka, these racers will create an intellectual automated robots and race them, its like a sumo wrestling, one robot has to push other out of game arena to win.

Sakar Pudasaini, KarkhanaThe third event, Speaker Series will take place on 12th November at the institute of Pulchowk Engineering. In this event international experts Masakazu Takasu (TeamLab, Japan) and Tom Igoe (Arduino/New York University, USA) and Dr. Jyoti Tandulkar (IOE/Alternative Technologies, Nepal) will bring forth their innovations along with presentations, which lie at the intersection of art and technology.

Lastly the fourth event, Workshop for Children, will start from 9th November until 13th November at The Nepal Art Council. A workshop on blending of Art and Technology for children between grades six to eight. The creations produced by the students will become part of the exhibition at Nepal Art Council. It’s an astonishing way to teach students about design, coding, electronic and so forth.

This initiative provides opportunity for students to be creative and implement their knowledge, which they have learned in school. And moreover this will gradually have a good impact towards industrialization, which will benefit individuals and the society as a whole.

-Faisal Khallow






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