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As Per China Research Nepal Quake Moved Everest Southwest


June 17, 2015: As per the China research, the devastating earthquake that hit in Nepal in April moved Mount Everest 3 cm to the southwest, but didn’t change the height.

National Administration of surveying, mapping, and Geionformation found that the 7.6 Richter quake reserved the gradual northeast course of the worlds highest peak which straddles Nepal and China. According to the research, its height is as usual, 8848 meters.

Similarly, as per the source Everest had moved 40 cm to the northeast over the past decade at a speed of 4 cm a year and risen 3 centimeters over the same period. Roger Bilham, professor of geological science at the university of Colorado have also agreed the Chinese findings.

Scientists say the densely populated Kathmandu valley around 80 km south east of the epicenter moved nearly 2 meters during the quake. Nepal government says it had not yet studied the impact on Everest. Head of the survey department in Nepal’s land ministry said that they have been studying the core areas affected by the quake and there has been a general southward movement.


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